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Resin sea shells on the table

3 Easy Steps To Make Resin Sea Shells

If you’re looking to level up your resin skills and practice resin ocean lacing then this is the perfect project for you. And it’s easier than you think! It only requires a small quantity of resin and allows you the opportunity to perfect lacing in resin waves without wasting too much material. In this article,…
Remove Resin From Your Skin

How to Remove Resin From Your Skin

Resin is a fascinating art. One that can get you zoned in for hours on end. And like many other arts and crafts, you can end up with a little… or a big mess! And end up with some epoxy resin on your skin. Let’s think about a painter or baker for a second. You’re…
Working with resin 1

Working With Resin – Best Practices and What to Avoid

Working with resin can seem daunting – “seem” is the operative word here! Where do you begin, right? Is resin hard to work with? How do you create exquisite resin pieces that light up your soul? We know you have so many questions you need answering. You might be a beginner resin artist or someone…
diy resin clocks

How To Make Resin Clocks – The Simple Way

Resin clocks are absolutely gorgeous and relatively simple to make. Yes, you read that right! In our world, we like to steer clear of overly complicated methods. So instead, we stick with the simple ones. We have a tried, tested, beginner-friendly method so that anyone can do it! We’ll take you through each step and…
Resin Art tips and tricks

Resin Art Tips and Tricks

How awesome would it be to know what you know before learning it the hard way? So awesome, right? Good news! That’s precisely what we have in store for you. We’ve done it the hard way, so you can do it easily! Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced resin artist, we have done our…
Reisn Keychains

A Beginner’s/Newbies Guide to Making Resin Keychains

As a new resin artist, we know you’re bursting with ideas for your next project. You probably have a few resin keychain ideas as well! Making resin keychains are both satisfying and easy. And we need to highlight that it’s an excellent project for a new resin artist for three reasons: Our guide will walk…

resin art to sell

Questions About Resin Art

How Do I Start Making Resin Art?

You just need to get some safety equipment, resin, colors, and an idea to get started in resin art. It is recommended to start with a smaller project when you first get started though.

This article will get you started with all the information you need as a resin art beginner. Covering everything you need to know, from safety to the equipment you will need and how to color your resin project.

What Is The Best Resin For Beginners?

The best resin for beginners is Amazing Clear Cast Resin. This is because it is easy to work with and will give you great results on many different projects.

If you are looking for the best resin for your project then we have put together a whole list of the best resins for any project that you can see here.

Is It Expensive To Make Resin Art?

Resin art is a somewhat expensive art. The biggest cost is that of the resin and colors that you will use for doing the artwork. There is also a bit of a setup cost for the safety equipment you need.

Once you have your equipment and some materials it will be a lot cheaper and the highest ongoing cost for resin art is the cost of the resin itself which ranges from around $30 for 1/2 Gallons to around $70.

How Long Does It Take To Make Resin Art?

A normal resin project should take no longer than an hour to complete. Then the resin will take anywhere from 24-72 hours to completely harden.

What Supplies Do I Need For Resin Art?

You will need, safety equipment, mixing and application tools, and the appropriate resin for either a mold or something to pour it on like a cutting board. Optionally you can also use a heat gun and blow torch, along with other artistic tools to get different effects like brushes and needles.

There are many different tools that you will need depending on the project that you would like to take on. You can find a full list of supplies here.

What Crafts Can You Do With Resin?

You can do a wide variety of resin craft projects with the resin including making jewelry, coasters, and trays all the way up to whole tables, and other furniture.

Resin is also great for use with lights because it is clear and can be colored so you can create some very interesting lighting effects.

How Hard Is It To Work With Resin?

Resin is not hard to work with. Because it is a liquid it is very easy to make into any shape using molds or use it to coat items. Just follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the resin you are using.

Make sure you know the properties of the resin you are using as this will let you know how long the resin can be worked before it starts to harden.